Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Art Show Happenings...

Goodness!  The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, and the Art Shows are on their way!  I thought I'd share a little post to let you know when and where I will be with my art this summer.  I've been working on little felt friends lately, and will be bringing them along to this weekend's upcoming May Day Celebration at Sacred Sparks in East Jordan, Michigan - Happening this Saturday, 9 May 2015.  This is a family-friendly event, with May Pole dancing and most likely lots of bubbles!  I do hope to see you there.

"Mushroom Girl"  needle-felted, 100% ethically harvested and treated wool

"Mermaid Girl" needle-felted, 100% ethically harvested and treated wool

Other Art Show dates include:

Summer Art Show
Sat. & Sun. 27 & 28 June 
Charlevoix, Michigan

Women’s Club Nubs Nob Art Fair 
Wednesday, 8 July 
Harbor Springs, Michigan

Portside Arts Fair
Sat. & Sun. 1 & 2 August
East Jordan, Michigan

I imagine I will have a few more to post as the seasons change.  I will be sure to add them to my website:  www.snowfairycottage.com  and will also post to my facebook page, which I have reluctantly just reopened:  www.facebook.com/snowfairycottage

I do hope you've been enjoying your Spring (and Autumn)!
With Love & Blessings,