Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Morel Mushroom Fairy


The Morel Mushroom Fairy

Snow is thick on the ground here at Snow Fairy Cottage.  I imagine the wee morels are sleeping peacefully just now and dreaming, and waiting for Spring to come so they can pop their little heads up and make everyone giddy with morel joy.  : )

We've had such a late start to Winter this season, however, that I'm truly not ready for thoughts of Spring just yet.  It has made me realise just how much I depend on our deep Winters... for creating and tucking away, and even just how much I depend on "getting through" our five to six month winters - it always feels like an mesmerizing accomplishment to make it to Spring!  

Here's to bit more Winter here in the Northwoods, with prayers for our Earth Mother and all her creatures, who may find themselves a little bit confused, and perhaps even scared, with the many changes happening in our world.

Peace             Love           Morels