Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Lettuce Poppy"

A new fairy painting

"Lettuce Poppy"

And a few photographs...
(from back at the farm,
as this is our first growing
season at the cottage.  : )

Here is a lettuce poppy just about to blossom.

I absolutely adore the shapely seed pods.  When they have matured, I like to collect the seeds to sow next year and bring the dried pods inside for decoration.

A beautiful white variety.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Woodland Romp, Some Catching Up & Oodles of Tomato Hugs

It was marvelous to make my way into the woods today...sun shining, birds singing.  : )  The leeks are sprouting up everywhere and a few beds of mottled trout lily leaves were spotted coming up through the moss beds.  Not much is happening just yet, but you can tell it is just waiting to burst forth and make green, flowery magic!   As I moseyed along the path - just around a bend - I was fortunate to come across two white tailed deer.  We sat exchanging glances for a bit, until I noticed there was a third deer, a wee little one a bit off.  I have always had such an affection for deer, and their beautiful soulful eyes and shy ways.  I believe I must have been a deer in a past life!  Saying goodbye to the kindred deer family, I next came across a most exquisite faerie palace.  It was large for a faerie house, so I am sensing something a bit different as to its uses.  And what do you think lies on the other side?  Or does it just look like an other side?  I do wonder.

Catching up on cottage news a bit, life has been filled with many different sorts of things these days.  We had a nice first winter in the cottage, although we do need to replace some windows we discovered, and a woodburning stove is certainly in order!  And did I mention the leaky chimney?  Well, it looks like that needs replacing/repairing as well.  I am grateful all the same and love this little old charmer of a dwelling.  Lately, I've been in cottage garden mode, moving about perennials and getting the flower beds ready for the sunny season.  I gave up on trying to remove anymore cement.  I need to find a cement cutter person to remove our driveway, which is actually the width of two driveways, which needless to say is way too much cement for my spirit!  Next will be the making and installation of window boxes (hooray) and perhaps replacing the screen door with the holes in it, which I have most excellently covered with masking tape so that the cats can't escape!   The garden bed I am currently working on contains:  lady's mantle, hyacinth, lavender, poppies, bergamot, echinacea, lupine, red valerian, William Baffin climbing rose, honeysuckle, hollyhocks, shrub rose (macy's), catmint, lilies, daffodils, feverfew...I can't wait to see them all in bloom!

In other (rather random) news, I have just completed my first month on an insulin pump, and for the most part I like it. I've had type I diabetes for almost 20 years, and this has been a reluctant change, but a necessary one.  Also, I am in the process of working on a little project (a book of sorts), which has led to other little changes.  I have decided to remove both my personal and art page from facebook, as it just takes too much of my energy, so if you saw me there and now you don't, that is why.  It's bitter-sweet, but I will still be posting on my blog and twitter.  I feel like many things that once were are sort of peeling away just now, or rather I'm peeling away, I'm not sure.  Like when you reach a place where keeping up the same pattern just isn't working anymore, especially when it is impeding on things you'd like to make happen.  That said, I will not really be sharing anything from the project as I move along, as I would really like it all to be a surprise when it's finished.  I will do other paintings alongside and in-between to have paintings to share and hopefully, sell, but if you're wondering why some of my paintings might be a bit smaller and less detailed, that is why.

I will leave you now with a few photographs of my current work "Tomato Hugs".   When is the last time you hugged a tomato?  : )  xx. T