Monday, November 19, 2018

On Ten Years and New Adventures...

Goodness, it's hard to believe that it has been T E N whole years since I painted that wee first Fairy, that has led to many Fairies more.  As I reflect, I find it difficult to imagine exactly what I would have been doing all this time - if the fairies hadn't found me, guided me with their inspiration and filled me with their L I G H T.  I think that what I mostly feel is gratitude - for the joy of creating; for the lovely friends and connections I've made over the years with fellow humans, plants, stones and animals; for personal growth - it has all been quite a journey...  

I thought it would be fun to honour the past ten years by sharing a Fairy painting from each year, beginning in the year 2008 to 2018...

"The Reading Fairy"

"The White Oak Fairy"

"The Petoskey Stone Fairy II"

"The Autumn Woodland Fairy"

"The Spring Woodland Fairy"

"Blackberry's Wish"

"Common Milkweed"

"The Spotted Touch-Me-Not Fairy"

"Stinging Nettle"

"The Monarch Maiden"

"The Ram's Head Lady's-Slipper Fairy"


                     And for the New Adventures...

I am delighted and incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to work with Chad Pastotnik of Deep Wood Press. Chad has been seemingly hiding away in his woodland fairy palace (with amazing bindery & studios) on the Cedar River in Northern Michigan, creating beautiful letterpress books, as well as fine art intaglio printing, woodcut & linocut print making, and book binding for the past 24 years.  I recently discovered Chad through a local print making exhibition where he gave a talk and demonstration on the intaglio printing process.  That in turn has led to the beginnings of book binding dreams come true for me, of which he has been so kind and generous to make happen through the sharing of his knowledge and talents.

Please find Chad's beautiful work & happenings here:

My first little stash of books
on this book binding/ book making journey... 

                  - with Deepest G R A T I T U D E -
           Thank you so much for your support & kindnesses 
                       over the past ten years.

                        Keep Shining Brightly

                                TLB xx

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ram's Head Lady's-Slipper - A Rare & Delicate Beauty

I was walking in a little woodland two Springs ago when I came across this tiniest of Wildflowers.  

There was a small little group along the path, and not knowing what exactly I had stumbled upon, I 

was immediately taken in by the delicate, tender sweetness of their being. 

The blossom is about the size of a small button, and seemed very Orchid-like to me, but I had 

to do a bit of research before discovering what it might be called.  In the process of 

learning her name, I realised also that I had stumbled upon a rare wildflower...an 

endangered species of our Northwoods.  

Cypripedium arietinum

Ram's Head Lady's-Slipper

I think it is important that when we approach any Wildflower, that we do so with 

reverence and respect, and with an understanding that all Wildflowers are capable 

of becoming endangered (or extinct) if we do not take care properly.  And that 

we teach our children and everyone we meet along the way to do the same.  It is often a 

delicate balance in which Wildflowers are able to grow and thrive, and there are many 

ways to enjoy Wildflowers without having to "own" them, so to speak.  By not picking 

blossoms or digging up plants we help to ensure their future and offer them the 

respect and appreciation they deserve.  This latest Fairy shares a deep message for 

this reverence, for her survival and the survival of the sacred plant she tends depends upon it.

The Ram's Head Lady's-Slipper Fairy