Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cottage Musings and Garden Delights...

It is hard to believe that it is almost July already.  I greatly enjoy the offerings of Winter, especially the inner time for creativity and the warmth of the fire, but nearing the end of our very long winters I become rather restless and it is a bit of a challenge as I switch the balance of arts from less painting into more gardening. This usually leads to me planting seeds indoors way too early and later wishing I would have waited just a bit longer.  And while gourds begin weaving themselves through the lace on the front porch curtains, I find myself working through a bit of my seasonal guilt as my attention shifts gears - the guilt being mostly brought about by the fact that I sell fine art and not flowers and vegetables! As an artist I'm always seeking balance, but it is all something to be met with and worked through on a daily basis.  Perhaps the best time is during a painting, when all else falls away and the immersion into the dimension of creativity takes over, or getting lost weeding, planting or seed collecting in the garden.  I struggle to keep up with the external side of things a bit (i.e. social media, marketing, going to the grocery store : ) etc.), for it's somehow a lot of pressure and the turbulence it creates for me internally is something I've been trying to work with for a long time.  I love to share and to connect, and although I'm constantly working at not taking things of this world personal, being an artist typically leads to some (if not a whole lot) of insecurity and vulnerability and one has to keep on keeping on and find the ways of it all.  There is a sort of strength and endurance to it, and a surrender too, which I think anyone can certainly understand.  Life is art, and being an artist often times goes quite contrary to many of the ways in which the world around us operates, which is demanding on the Spirit.  Of course, I wouldn't (except I sometimes secretly do) wish for anything more, or else or different. And like the seasons, all things pass and I take much comfort in that! I am so grateful for this journey, for the connections I've made, for the support I've received and for the many lessons that have allowed me to journey a bit deeper, but I often times hold back in thoughts, words, expressions because of fear, because of offending, because there is so much happening and so much sadness in our World everyday.  My heart aches to make it all better, but the best response I can find to offer is that which comes from the joy of creating from the heart and sharing what comes forth from that.  I recognise more than anything lately how much I live in fear and the idea of truly working on finding my true strong self (the one that isn't constantly being influenced by external happenings) has been much on my mind.  Of course, this is generally as far as I get in writing like this and typically erase everything and post a picture of a flower or a fairy and keep it simple, because words are typically not my best form of expression or communication, and I don't like to seem as though I'm complaining, or laying a journal entry out for the world to process, because I realise we are all going through so much, pretty much all of the time! And honestly, who really cares what I process, think or feel - good grief!  But I will say that I generally appreciate it when others share workings from this place, but rarely do I myself have the courage to break the momentum of my own habits and comfort level.

But there, I've done it, and now it is time for some flower power, from the gardens of Snow Fairy Cottage - one of the happiest places I know and choose to be...

This is the front little Arbour - walkway to the cottage.  The Lavender is beginning to bloom just now, and the rose climber "New Dawn".  Plants are a bit squashed together here at the cottage.

Astrantia major "Roma" in the front walkway border, with a feasting friend.

Eryngium in the front walkway border.  This plant is in its second season and is blooming for the first time.  I've in love!  It turns from a ghostly gray-green to electric purple.  I call this is my David Bowie flower because it reminds me of the words in his song Sound and Vision  "Blue Blue Electric Blue that's the colour of my room where I will live..."  And thinking of a bit of his Spirit in the garden makes me very happy and comforted.  xx

More Eryngium!
The front border with shrub rose "Morden Blush" , Hostas and drumstick Allium on the way.
A happy little rose shrub, and Pear Tree has Pears growing! I hope we will enjoy a harvest, without the mini beasties feasting them away!
Digitalis grandiflora or perennial foxglove.  The front yard has a few different borders.  I haven't thought to name this one yet...
Cornus, Salvia, Perennial Foxglove, Iris, Oxeye Daisies and our crooked old bench which has made it yet another year!  : )
A spot of Lavender.  It's time for wand making, I believe!
A touch of blue from the Delphiniums - in the front walkway border.
The Sunbeam Border with Yarrow, Lady's Mantle, Rosa, Hollyhocks, Honeysuckle, Mullein, Red Valerian, Delphinium, Sweet William, and faded Lupines and Poppies.
I do hope your Summer (or Autumn depending on where you are on the planet) is off to wonderful start and that you find much Joy in the small and simple beauty of all things.

Love & Blessings from Snow Fairy Cottage

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Around the Cottage - Winter 2017

Happiest New Year wishes to you all!  I love this time of year so very much, as we shift from the darkness and gather more light each and every day.  Before we know it, Spring blossoms will be awaking and it will be time to play in the garden once again!  It has been hard not to have my mind on the garden lately.  Seed catalogues have been arriving and I've been considering what new plants to grow this year, and thinking about what I'd like to move around when Spring does arrive.
It is surely not here today, however, and I find I must take advantage of this quiet inside time to work on art and cottage projects before the garden steals me away!

Here are a few wintry scenes from around the cottage:

The Front Entry Arbor - covered in Snow and Rose Hips.

A little vignette, with birdhouse, our old garage, clematis and the composter!  : )
Male Cardinal at the feeder.

Female Cardinal


Inside there have many changes recently - from little fix-ups to a new temporary art space (on the front porch mind you)!
My temporary work space on the front porch!  I don't know what I'm going to do when it's time to start seeds!

It is our plan to turn the garage into my new studio.  I was feeling unsure about the whole deal at first, as I liked my space upstairs, but alas, it just doesn't give two teenagers and an artist the necessary space, so I've come to recognise this as a blessing, although it will take some time to transition it all.  All in all, I like it very much on the front porch!  Which brings me to art!  I have been making it.  Perhaps not sharing as much, as I've been working on a quiet project just now, but I shall be getting some pieces together for new cards this year and will hopefully have something to share soon.

In other cottage projects, I decided to tackle the back entryway.  Perhaps it is the old-fashioned-ness in me, but I do so adore wallpaper!  Here is a photograph of how it is looking so far, taken from the mudroom.  I ran out of wallpaper and have to order more to finish the opposite wall, and there is still trim work, etc.  I ordered this wallpaper from Laura Ashley - I like her designs (and this wallpaper is made in Great Britain).  I feel rather pleased, as wallpapering is a rather a stressful task for me (perhaps the cottage ghost was secretly assisting me!)!

I do so wish you all a most Blessed 2017!  May you find much pleasure and happiness in all that you do, make, grow, collect, preserve, create and share this year!

                                                ❤ With Love from Snow Fairy Cottage ❤