Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ram's Head Lady's-Slipper - A Rare & Delicate Beauty

I was walking in a little woodland two Springs ago when I came across this tiniest of Wildflowers.  

There was a small little group along the path, and not knowing what exactly I had stumbled upon, I 

was immediately taken in by the delicate, tender sweetness of their being. 

The blossom is about the size of a small button, and seemed very Orchid-like to me, but I had 

to do a bit of research before discovering what it might be called.  In the process of 

learning her name, I realised also that I had stumbled upon a rare wildflower...an 

endangered species of our Northwoods.  

Cypripedium arietinum

Ram's Head Lady's-Slipper

I think it is important that when we approach any Wildflower, that we do so with 

reverence and respect, and with an understanding that all Wildflowers are capable 

of becoming endangered (or extinct) if we do not take care properly.  And that 

we teach our children and everyone we meet along the way to do the same.  It is often a 

delicate balance in which Wildflowers are able to grow and thrive, and there are many 

ways to enjoy Wildflowers without having to "own" them, so to speak.  By not picking 

blossoms or digging up plants we help to ensure their future and offer them the 

respect and appreciation they deserve.  This latest Fairy shares a deep message for 

this reverence, for her survival and the survival of the sacred plant she tends depends upon it.

The Ram's Head Lady's-Slipper Fairy

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  1. Such a lovely flower. We have some lady slippers that grow in our woods (NW Montana) but I don't think we have this one. I love them all, so much. Your reverence is so important with them, because often they will not grow back if the ground is stepped on around them.

    Your painting is so sweet and perfect for your message.